TEDxErieSalon Nights

When: The last Wednesday of the Month

Location: Calamari's Squid Row 1317 State St, Erie, PA 16501
(check our Facebook page for updates to confirm the location). 

Time: 6pm

What happens: Come watch a few TED and TEDx talks related to the evening’s theme. Some TEDxErieSalon events will included a featured speaker that will bring a local perspective to the talks. This is followed by a facilitated conversation among attendees about the content of these talks and what key takeaways there might be.

We are looking for sponsors for these events. Let us know here if you would like to be a sponsor for a future event.

Event Feedback

"Interesting subjects and great people"

"Sharing knowledge and ideas is universally beneficial."

"Great videos, lively discussions & friendly/welcoming atmosphere."

"People should grow themselves everyday and TEDx presents valuable content to do so!"

"Very interesting content and lectures by regional experts. Makes you think of matters, issues and help to understand different views."